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We work hard to deliver community activities include organising free drop-ins, empowerment and signposting clinics for members of the local community who may be experiencing issues ranging from alcohol and drug awareness, tenant support/landlord issues. domestic violence signposting, debt/bills support, legal signposting, civil court & family court support (McKenzie Friends), career empowerment, employability opportunities & courses, employment tribunal support , Guidance & confidence building Documentation, Letter writing & Form filling in Sports Business ideas, Mental Health signposting and support, IT and social media support for business start-ups.

Managing director John Ryder BSc (hons)Criminal Justice Criminology

John Ryder BSc (hons) Criminal Justice Criminology

Managing Director

Winner of Nest Stand Out Participant Enterprise Showcase Portsmouth University Award 2018. Nominee for the start-up of the year award 2019 Nominee for entrepreneurial spirit award 2019 Winner of the Southcoast University Dynamo challenge 2019 Runner up Santander Student funding award 2019 Winner of the dedicated civic impact award winner Portsmouth university 2020

Aaron Taylor SAC.d

Volunteer Director

Trained Professional Therapeutic Counsellor, Life Skills coach and the head of all things technical assisting the Director John as much as possible to move ECASS forward and help improve the services we deliver to the Portsmouth Community. "Team work makes the dream work"

Graham Baldock

Volunteer Mental health Co-ordinator

Working with our service users to deliver early intervention, targeted and specialist support in the field of mental health.

Art Form AKA Neil Foley

Community Art Project Coordinator

Art Form Aka Neil foley , born in Portsmouth England , is a well-known local artist and street artist. He has always been into street art and has contributed to some pioneering street artwork projects across Portsmouth and the South of England over many years .


Alternative Therapies Coordinator

Mila Brings to the ECASS team a wealth of knowledge and experience in alternative therapies including Evolutionary Astrology, Horary Astrology, Yoga, the Alternative Medicine Therapies ,Diploma including Crystal Healing, Colour Healing, Sound Healing ,Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Facial Treatments, and Swedish Massage and a variety of other holistic therapies she also holds certifications in Counselling, Mental Health Awareness , Autism awareness and , domestic abuse , health care and support and much more .


Legal and policy research support

Natalia is currently an undergraduate Studying LLB Law and Business at Portsmouth University and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Natalia is bilingual and is also familiar with Cleo and also has Lexis Nexis and Westlaw qualifications and also brings a wealth of amazing attributes to ECASS


Radio podcast and community support Lead volunteer

Nicholas is our new Radio podcast and community support Lead volunteer. Nicholas is currently in his third year at Portsmouth University studying a B A (Hons) in Media studies. Nicholas brings to the team a wealth of experience in Mental Health Media, Photo design , Podcast radio Shows and Graphic Design , we are extremely excited and honoured to have him as part of our fantastic dynamic team.


Community Research and Fundraising Liaison Officer

Chiara is an award-winning Politics and International Relations undergraduate with a background in qualitative and quantitative research and communication skills. Chiara is Friendly and approachable with experience in fundraising and working within local communities and a great asset to the ECASS team.


one-to-one service co-ordinator

Victoria brings to ECASS one to one service vital skills and experience to support our users that are currently experiencing a variety of difficulties .Victorias life skills and experience will contribute to the direct provision of the service, offering mental health and wellbeing support and sign posting to people and staff enabling them to explore their challenges and identify positive mental health coping strategies, resilience skills, distress tolerance and a solution focused approach to help deal with all life issues that will help deal with similar problems later on. Her skills will also help prioritise issues in accordance with the needs, priorities and support required by individuals. Including the ability to signpost to other relevant organisations and the wider community, offer to address wider issues affecting their lives including debt signposting, housing, unemployment, and any other challenges that people may face. Welcome to the ECASS Team Victoria.


Young adult & Student engagement Volunteer

Sinead is a second year student currently studying Bsc (Hons) Psychology at University. I am an empathetic, trustworthy and enthusiastic person who is always looking for new ways to learn from the people I meet. While undertaking my studies in psychology I have gained invaluable skills such as running participant interviews, conducting my own studies and writing my own research reports. This has included working closely with psychology students and members of staff. I have taken part in youth drama projects and other youth based activities. These experiences have enabled me to build on my social skills, strengthening my teamwork and leadership capabilities. Often in these roles I had to think on my feet allowing me to respond quickly to unexpected situations. I am excited to take on this role at ECASS and I look forward to meeting members of the community.


Women's services co-ordinator

Jane has lived in Portsmouth all her life and brings to the ECASS team a wealth of life experience in situations that individuals may face, Jane shows huge compassion empathy and is a fantastic organiser and listener who has a non-judgemental and respectful approach to all situations .Jane has a very high standard of care in relation to service users ,our staffing team and also our partner agencies that we work with . Jane joins the team with motivation and ambitions to lead our volunteering team forward into our communities with an exemplary standard of care


legal and policy researcher

Giulia is a graduate in International Development and Laguages student at the University of Portsmouth. Giulia is a compassionate, curious, and open-minded individual with a strong belief in self-improvement and a desire to make a positive impact on the world. Giulia can speak 4 languages including English, Italian Romanian, and Mandarin. Over the course of her studies, she has developed strong research and analysis skills, as well as a passion for the humanitarian sector. Giulia has worked on various projects, including reports, policies, and research projects, and has gained valuable experience in customer service, teamwork, and organisation through her studies, volunteering, jobs, and self-discipline. Among other things Giulia is a qualified Mental Health First aider.


Community Project Planner

Abe brings ECASS a wealth of skills in IT Care and Support work, project planning and problem resolution. He is also a musician.



William brings a wealth of administration and policy knowledge to our ever growig team.


Community support volunteer


Community support volunteer


Ellena is a First year Law with Business student at the University of Portsmouth. Ellena is an outgoing individual who likes to socialise and meet new people. She is an avid netball and basketball player of seven years playing for the District Chelmsford Netball team and having captained the team many times. This ensured that she gained valuable skills of both communication and how to work well within teams. It also enabled her to have the ability of providing and receiving constructive feedback, which therefore gave her the confidence in analysing the sport and difficult situations to a professional standard. She has been involved in many student councils, where she was elected as the ‘Student Principal’. This was a significantly important job role where she had to play a fundamental contribution to the sixth form regarding representing, marketing, communicating and sharing visions on behalf of her peers. hese experiences have equipped Ellena with a diverse skill set that transcends the classroom. She possesses a rare blend of strong academic acumen, versatile communication skills, and a keen ability to foster collaborative environments. Ellena's dedication to excellence and her innate leadership qualities make her an invaluable asset to our Ever growing ECASS Team


Chanelle is an undergraduate student at Portsmouth University studying BSc (Hons) Psychology. Chanelle is an empathetic, hard-working, and outgoing individual who is makes a positive impact on society. Over the course of her studies, Chanelle has conducted her own interviews, written critical essays, developed strong research and analysis skills, and has presented her research findings in oral presentations to lecturers and to her peers. Chanelle is passionate about studying legal and forensic psychology in her third year and hopes to complete a law conversion course after completing her psychology degree. Chanelle has gained valuable experience in customer service through her part-time job and volunteering roles. Additionally, Chanelle is a Course Representative for her course and is currently learning Spanish at a beginner level to broaden her understanding of languages. Undoubtedly, Chanelle's exceptional skills, unwavering enthusiasm, and profound dedication make her an exemplary addition to Our ECASS Team


ECASS would like to welcome another new member to our hard working team . Sophie is studying an undergraduate in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth. Sophie is Portuguese, French and Iranian but was born in London. Sophie is an approachable individual who loves to support and bring out the best in other people and constantly stay updated on world affairs and issues within society. While studying she has developed her ability to critically think and produce solutions for issues as well as doing further research to conclude on the best possible outcome. She undertook some counselling training while she was in sixth form as well as took part in mental health projects and volunteering in different areas before coming to Portsmouth for university.she joins our multi skilled team of legal and policy researchers.


Savannah is an approachable and considerate individual currently in her final year of BSc Psychology at the University of Portsmouth. She expresses key interests in individual differences and quantitative data analysis, specifically investigating current social issues. Savannah has developed critical awareness and expertise in structured report writing and analytical research through conducting multiple mixed-method studies. This is further expressed in her undergoing research thesis, which investigates an aspect of the important issue of homelessness, gaining a deepened understanding of the issue to identify possible solutions. Moreover, Savannah has a plethora of experience specifically working one-on-one with individuals. This is evidenced through both her retail and voluntary work. Savannah truly enjoys chatting and getting to know people; this is a highlight of her previous roles, further building trust and confidence with individuals. Her teaching assistant experience working within the Portsmouth community has contributed to developing her empathy and adaptability skills working with a diverse range of children and adults. Savannah found providing constructive feedback and offering individual support extremely rewarding, aiding learning for the pupils. Savannah is extremely keen to continue her voluntary work, contributing to meaningful initiatives alongside the ECASS team to make a positive impact within the community


Anum is highly passionate about her work studying International Relations at the University of Portsmouth Anum is bilingual. Anum is also `a motivated self-learner who wants to grow by developing quality expertise. She has diverse work experience as she worked as a researcher, policy maker, content writer, teacher, and graphic designer. She has done a lot of courses along with voluntary work which enhanced her research and writing skills, communication skills, and critical and analytical thinking. She aims to serve for the wellbeing of humanity and for the protection of the environment by halting measures contributing to environmental degradation. Climate change is affecting human health in every aspect causing increasing diseases, depression, and high mortality rates to name a few. Therefore, by working with ECASS her intent is to protect human beings and make a huge impact in communities far and wide


Ramya is currently doing an undergraduate degree in Nursing (adult) at the University of Portsmouth. She is a very compassionate and hard-working individual with a great interest in doing better for others. She believes ECASS is a great opportunity for her to support others. While doing her nursing degree she has met a lot of new people with different personalities and characters, she has also learned many valuable skills that can be useful when meeting new people and is also Bilingual and has a great passion for changing lives for the better and making huge change

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