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“There is no better exercise for the heart than lifting down and picking people up”

Real Life Stories and Experiences

The ECASS Life Lounge is our podcast where we share real stories and experiences of others.
If you fancy dropping by and getting involved in one of our podcasts please feel free to contact us.

The ECASS Life Lounge audio and video is published on our site and social media channels and used in various projects that ECASS are involved in within the community to promote self improvement and change for the better.
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Domestic Violence

Aaron interviews the Director of ECASS John Ryder on the impact of domestic violence in his life. An interesting and very real interview to start off our series.

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Postnatal Depression

The Director of ECASS John Ryder speaks to Gemma about Postnatal depression. A real straight from the heart discussion.

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Mental Health and OCD

Director of ECASS John Ryder interviews Graham in a very in-depth interview about mental health and OCD.


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The Director of ECASS John Ryder interviews Liesl Rose former who is a volunteer with a homeless organisation working in portsmouth called helping hands and numerous other charitable organisations. A fantastic indepth podcast which is well worth a listen. Please feel free to contact us if you need help or support via the contact page on our site.

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Gergana Theta healing

The Director of ECASS John Ryder interviews Gergana Dimitrova the Managing director of Theta healing business  Deepest enlightenment.

Deepest enlightenment deliver first class one to one theta healing sessions.Their qualified practitioners fully engage with you the client, using a meditation technique that allows you to experience theta brainwaves with the purpose of improvement in mind body and spirit. This enables the therapy to bring you to an altered state of consciousness, where you can access your subconsciousness to clear limiting beliefs.

This helps to assist with issues including, Emotional distress, Relationship problems, Low self-esteem, Patterns of self-sabotage, Stress, Depression Trauma, Fear and phobia. If you want to use a meditative technique that bring you into alignment creating the future you want, please contact us using the contact details on our Facebook page. or contact Deepest enlightenment on

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Mila’s Moonlight Soul: Evolutionary Astrology & Intuitive Guidance

Director of ECASS John Ryder speaks to Mila who recently started up her own business Moonlight Soul.

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Ray Rowley Liberal Democrats

Our managing director John and the Live lounge podcast team from ECASS Were happy to welcome Ray Rowley The the Lib Dem candidate For the Charles Dickens ward in Portsmouth Into The Life Lounge today to chat about current affairs and things happening in the Charles dickens ward Portsmouth area. 

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George Carnell , part of the amazing United Minds network

Here is our latest life Lounge podcast with the amazing George Carnell , part of the amazing United Minds network and ,also former football manager and trainer and local Pompey gentlemen  please take the time to listen to Georges journey and all the amazing work himself and the United Minds team are doing in and around our local communities . It was an absolute honour and privilege to share the afternoon with such and inspiring individual and to hear his about his journey.

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