Mission Statement

ECASS is established as a C.I.C for the care, welfare and advancement of people living in the Portsmouth area. We work in partnership with people within the community that need our services, their families and carers to provide a range of high quality, professional and confidential services.

Definition of Inclusion 

Attitudes, means, and methods that ensure as many people with disabilities can actively progress towards their aims and aspirations. Enabling them to benefit from training, with support if necessary, to ensure that they can make progress in their learning, build and maintain positive social and family relationships, develop emotional resilience and make successful transitions in their life journey.

We want to support all service users in Portsmouth to…

  • Feel included and part of their community
  • Be valued / not discriminated against (appreciating diversity)
  • Have equal opportunities 
  • Have positive attachments and social / family relationships
  • Make successful transitions
  • Develop emotional resilience and positive self esteem
  • Aspire to live independently and participate in society
  • Achieve their potential
  • Be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy
  • Be safe
  • Be heard

In order to achieve this we will…

  • Create an environment that is welcoming to all.
  • Support Adults, children and young people to develop skills and resilience to overcome barriers
  • Work together across services 
  • Respect and value Adults, children and young people as individuals
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and competence of the workforce.
  • Work together across whole organisations to challenge bullying and discrimination.

Staff Inclusion

As an inclusive and responsible employer we apply the same objectives and standards in our employment and consideration of staff needs.

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