Cost-of-living Crisis Information

Support and advice on the cost of living

The cost of living is increasing rapidly, and prices are rising at rates we haven’t seen for many years, this includes energy bills, food, fuel and a lot more. In this guide ECASS has tried to consolidate information about financial support that is available to help with the pressures that occur because of the cost-of-living crisis and the challenges you and your family and many other households across the UK may face.

There are a range of measures available to help people maximize their income to meet essential living costs, however it may not always be easy to know what is available or how to apply and as a result lots of benefits people are entitled to do go unclaimed. Don’t assume you’re always getting everything you’re entitled to always check and if you still are not sure contact the ECASS team and we will see where we can help.

We have put together a helpful document which you can download by clicking the below link..

Helping with the cost of living Crisis ECASS

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